Medical School Accreditation Services

Christner Strategies specializes in LCME and ACGME accreditation. Our CEO has helped remove two schools from LCME probation and served as the Interim DIO for one of the largest GME programs in the country. She is a national expert in accreditation. Please review below the array of accreditation services we can offer you.  If there’s something you need and don’t see, please contact us.


Medical Students


  • Assist new schools with Preliminary and Provisional Steps to Full Accreditation
  • Stand beside you during the 18-month self-study process, review your DCI, ISA and Executive Self-Summary, hold a mock site visit, provide prep materials and aid in preparing your faculty for the site visit.
  • Ensure you are meeting LCME requirements during the COVID crisis

*Ask us about our LCME Maintenance Plan!


  • Self Studies – Stand beside you for your programs’ self-study process, review documentation, hold a mock site visit, provide prep materials and aid in preparing your faculty for the site visit
  • CLER Visits – work with you, your faculty and affiliates to be ready for CLER visits,  hold a mock site visit, provide prep materials and aid in preparing your faculty and affiliates – leadership, nurses and staff – for the site visit
  • Annual Institutional Review and Annual Program Evaluations – review for completeness and meeting ACGME requirements; provide helpful feedback to improve individual programs and organization overall
  • Create work place based assessments that help your CCCs make the decisions they need while also giving useful and practical feedback to trainees
  • Orient new Program Directors and new Designated Institutional Officials (DIOs)

We can’t even list them all – please contact us with any need – we have experts who can help you get promoted. Let us focus on the busy work -you focus on what you need to excel in your career!

“Dr Christner is a thought leader and innovator in the field of Medical Education and all things LCME Accreditation related. Having worked directly with her for several years, I have seen first hand her understanding of nuanced polices and standards associated with LCME standards and site visits. Her attention to details, her ability to focus on both the macro and micro aspects involved in each standard and element and what they mean to a school and the accrediting body. She has a deep understanding of faculty, student, staff, and administrators desires and needs associated with the design and delivery of a successful academic medical institution.”

Paul Y. Ko, MD MEd
Associate Dean for Curricular Development & Oversight
Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine
Indiana University School of Medicine

“Dr. Christner balances the daunting task of making institutional changes to maintain compliance with LCME expectations, while earning the trust of stakeholder groups to lead transformational change. She guides the big picture vision of an institution’s goals while simultaneously demonstrating impressive knowledge of crucial details of accreditation standards, which is unparalleled in a leader of her stature. Interventions that she spearheaded have led to enduring change in areas of mid-clerkship feedback, direct observation of clinical skills, and course/clerkship/program reviews.”

Sara Weir, MA
Director of LCME Accreditation and Continuous Quality Improvement
LCME Survey Visit Coordinator, 10+ years’ experience

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