Hi! I’m Jenny Christner, CEO of Christner Strategies. We specialize in 3 distinct services: 1) LCME Accreditation 2) Executive/Life Coaching, and 3) Workshops/Keynote Speaking for your retreat, professional development or other events.

I have been privileged to be a part of academic medicine for over 20+ years. Moreover, what I learned is that I love (and have considerable success at!) helping individuals and teams achieve their goals! First, via personal development (coaching). Secondly, via development of teams (workshops! inspirational and motivating talks!). And finally, taking the stress off related to accreditation. There’s just no need! We can really help your school have a successful accreditation visit.

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Our Mission is twofold:

To make LCME accreditation easy

– Yes – EASY!

To help individuals and teams
achieve their goals – in and outside
of work- via our life coaching
services and our highly rated
professional development

Medical LCME Accreditaion

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