Our Mission

Our Mission is twofold:

  1. To make medical education accreditation easy
  2. To help professionals and teams achieve their goals  – in and outside of work!

Musings from our CEO

When I was young, I really wanted to be a ballerina. I loved the structure, the intensity, the exactness of the movements required and the outlet for creative expression.  As I think back on my journey, these loves are likely what attracted me to academic medicine and explain why I truly enjoy both:

  1. accreditation – bound by rules, structure and process and also
  2. curriculum – creating innovative curricular experiences, interprofessional education, assessments and engaging faculty development sessions. 

Both sides require human capital and neither side works unless there is a highly functional and open, safe environment for learners, staff and faculty.

I also loved to teach – from setting up “school” on summer vacations for my younger brother to being nicknamed “Mama Gold” during residency for how I took care of my team. That has never stopped as I now serve as a sounding board and mentor to so many colleagues. Those conversations bring some of my greatest joy into my life.

Now I am fortunate to have a team in place to help me meet the needs of my colleagues. What our team has learned in our combined years of experience is that it is the same set of principles that create highly functional teams and organizational units no matter what the environment.  Getting at the heart of the infrastructure of an organization, and changing paradigms that make for content, engaged employees that will remain loyal to the organization – that’s the sweet spot. That sweet spot is why I wanted to ensure that Christner Strategies scope could be broader than accreditation and medical education.  The tools our team has garnered over the years, often paired with executive coaching will help any business realize their full potential.