LCME Video Archive

If you’re watching this, you probably tune in that one Thursday/month to hear news about the LCME. And if you don’t do that – why are you here?  We’re just kidding!!!  Well, really – why are you here? Our YouTube Channel will break down the Secretariat Calls and provide our own commentary, decoding and recommendations for best practice on the various topics discussed on the calls.  

Please contact us if you have a best practice to share or a topic you’d like to see covered for those lonely months with no call. 

January 2022

This month we get up close and personal with the Self-study and preparing for the visit. Please watch but let us sum it up with one sentence. If you wait until 18 months before the visit to start preparing – well, umm, our condolences to you. 

Please contact us if you have a best practice to share or a topic you’d like to see covered for those lonely months with no call.

February 2022

It’s all about the Independent Student Analysis (ISA). We know it’s important but……Stay tuned for the final slide where we provide our thoughts on best practices around the ISA. 

Please contact us if you have a best practice to share or a topic you’d like to see covered for those lonely months with no call.

June 2022

For this month’s episode, I have with me Dr. Hugh Stoddard M.Ed., Ph.D , Assistant Dean for Medical Education Research at the School of Medicine, Emory University.  We discuss the LCME Survey Visit Preparation Meeting that Dr. Stoddard recently attended.

September 2022

Breaking down the September 8, 2022 LCME Secretariat Webinar “Mythbusters!” This episode features a conversation with Lisa Phelan, of Christner Strategies, and Colleen Hayden, of the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai – New York City. We discuss some of the myths addressed by the Secretariat that really resonated with us.

October 2022

This episode features the Christner Strategies team discussing the myths presented in the Secretariat call, focusing on some that we feel could benefit from more context or explanation. Myths we cover in this episode include:
* The major standing committees of the medical school listed in Element 1.3 must be defined in the college bylaws
* What are the benchmarks and cutoffs for data and how can (or should) schools compare themselves to national means
* How and why the LCME Committee can make different recommendations than the survey team

December 2022

The Christner Strategies team discusses highlights from the AAMC Learn Serve Lead meeting in Nashville in November.

January 2023

The Christner Strategies team discusses the January 2023 Secretariat call dealing with Independent Student Analysis (ISA).

February 2023

The Christner Strategies team discusses how to prepare for the LCME Self Study Visit and the next CQI, including how early to begin preparations and how the visit and CQI processes overlap. Issues around how early surveys can and should be conducted are addressed, and recommendations on how to ensure that follow-up action items are completed.

March & April 2023

This episode breaks down the March AND April LCME Secretariat Calls. Lots of good stuff re: everyone’s all time favorite element 3.3 along with another topic that brings us all joy – student satisfaction!  You don’t want to miss this one!

June 2023

This episode addresses the recent Secretariat call on the topic of Medical School Structure and Governance Variability: Why and How Does it Matter to You and to the LCME?” The Christner Strategies team addresses how the role of Dean at medical schools has changed, and how these changes have affected the governance and operation of medical schools. The roles of these new types of dean in the LCME accreditation process are addressed, especially with regards to communication between office and departments and how this communication affects the school as a whole.

July 2023

This episode addresses the July Secretariat call about LCME Standard Eight, dealing with medical school curriculum. All final decisions must be made by the schools curriculum committee, even though discussions may take place in multiple venues and with multiple groups involved in curriculum development. The chair of the curriculum committee is a pivotal role in this process. Phase reviews, curriculum reviews and other reports are also an important part of this decision-making process. Medical student feedback related to standard 8.5 was also addressed, encouraging (though not requiring) schools to have policies and processes regarding the collection and use of student feedback.

September 2023

In this episode, we have a special guest speaker – Dr. Tonya Fancher from UC Davis. UC Davis has been in the news a lot lately re: their excellent results with matriculating a diverse medical school class. The reason for this is that California passed Proposition 209 long ago, a statement very similar to the recent SCOTUS ruling. Hear directly from Dr. Fancher how they have been successful! Really great tips!

See the article in the September 19, 2023 edition of JAMA discussing the UC Davis admission process also (JAMA September 19, 2023, Volume 330, Number 11)

October 2023

In this episode, with special guest Dr. Tonya Fancher from UC Davis, we each take our favorite Myth from the recent Mythbusters Call and discuss it!