“Improv in the Office” Workshop

Improvisational theater (aka “Improv”) is based on certain “rules” participants must follow to make the  improv work. These rules relate to listening, accepting and being present- all hallmarks of great teamwork! Dr. Jenny Christner and Dr. Ryan Palmer both have deep backgrounds in improvisational theatre and academic medicine, and have adapted the rules of improv to the office place in order to help your team improve listening, communication, creativity and morale. These workshops are fun, interactive and are meant for everyone, (i.e not for actors!).

Invite Drs. Christner & Palmer to come lead your event, kickstart a retreat, or lead any of a variety of faculty development topics with your team!

About the Workshop

Hear Drs. Christner and Palmer explain why their workshop on improv in the workplace is so valuable to improving teamwork. Recently, they were featured on the Mission Matters Podcast with Adam Torres. Listen to the episode below.

Dr. Jenny Christner Improvisation

About Dr. Jenny Christner

Jenny Christner, MD participated in numerous theater productions/ commercials/modeling all through childhood and college. Then came medical school. Almost 30 years after her last performance, she signed up on a whim for an acting class and from there improv classes. She completed all 5 levels of improv instruction and graduated from the program at Station Theater in Houston, TX in 2021. She enjoys performing and recognizes that much of what she does everyday in her career involves performance skills. Improv taught her the need to listen intensely to your partner and always support them – skills that are key to teamwork and good communication in any working environment. She loves to share what’s she learned about applying improv techniques in the workplace to teach colleagues in a fun yet meaningful way.

About Ryan Palmer

Ryan Palmer. Ed.D., M.F.A. has over 15 years of experience in academic medicine, including leadership positions at US and Caribbean medical schools. Dr. Palmer has appeared in numerous theater and screen productions, and holds an MFA in Acting from The Theatre School at DePaul University where he trained extensively in the Spolin/Sills style of improvisation popularized by The Second City. Upon transitioning to a career in higher education, he found that his training and work in the theatre helped positively inform his every day work in education. Specifically, he found his extensive training in improvisation could be applied to teams in the work environment to help enhance creativity, communication and collegiality. He loves to share these techniques with professionals to help improve morale, increase teamwork and infuse a sense of play in the workplace. 

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The Improv in the Office team in action!

Jenny Christner speaking at event
Jenny Christner and Ryan Palmer